The API Bridge provides you with a simple interface for automated transfers from BMD to sevDesk.

What is the API Bridge for?

  • The API bridge enables smooth and platform-independent communication, as well as data exchange between different systems.
  • It is a software-based solution for communication interfaces and application interfaces 
  • It serves as a comprehensive system connector that allows interfaces between complex applications to be implemented efficiently and easily.
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These are the advantages of our interface!


Ensure uninterrupted data flow, as well as accurate communication between applications, systems and interfaces. And all this without manual effort!


Manual processes are significantly more prone to errors. Thanks to the API Bridge, this risk drops to a vanishingly small level. This not only saves you working time, but also unnecessary stress.


Fast, smooth and above all effective implementation of individual data processing, as well as data exchange/views. This accelerates the rhythm within the company and you are also well prepared for home office and remote work!

In addition, our API bridge covers different interfaces of various systems & manufacturers and can control multiple interfaces simultaneously thanks to an easy-to-use, intuitive interface.

The following tasks can be completely automated with our API bridge

  • Data transfer from a system such as (e.g. DMS, WaWi, ERP) to financial accounting (e.g. DATEV, SAP, Lexware, SAGE)
  • Automation of the dunning process
  • Payment data transmission
  • Transfer of billing data (incl. account assignment)
  • Transfer or synchronization of customer data
  • Transfer or synchronization of vendor data

Digital Creek

Digital Creek Software Services was founded by former T-Systems transition managers and Oracle modernization and software specialists.

Our team of developers in the field of interface development (REST, SOAP, XML, etc.), offers you years of experience in the implementation of complex interface solutions.

Our experts support you and are here to help you with any questions you may have.

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