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One factor that must play a decisive role in any case: quality.

We support our customers - On Time & Budget - in the realisation of their IT projects. However, we can also integrate ourselves into your departments as an independent team to support you in realising the requirements. If the client's primary goal is to save costs, we also provide support by outsourcing our own expert IT teams to other EU countries.

Thanks to our management's many years of experience with international transition projects, we know exactly which showstoppers can occur and how they can be eliminated efficiently and quickly.

The motivation behind outsourcing can be different. Regardless of what external or internal influences motivate it, there is one factor that must play a decisive role in every case: quality.

Outsourcing the wrong component of your IT can put your business at risk.

If key components of the operation or software development (software outsourcing or application outsourcing) then go to service providers who do not directly meet your standards , you have a renewed, incalculable risk.

Advantages of working with Digital Creek.

Office and network in Budapest and across Europe with direct links to universities and partners.
Best practice outsourcing and nearshoring solutions from various development projects.
Cultural proximity and appropriate communication.
Complete factory services from a single source.
Legal protection through partnership with Digital Creek, a German company.
Purchasing conditions that are only available to large customers are now also available to medium-sized businesses through Digital Creek.

Outsourcing & Nearshoring Service types

Within the framework of its projects, Digital Creek pursues different approaches.

Managed Services

With a PM/PO and a dedicated organisational component provided by Digital Creek.

With the managed service, we delegate a project manager (PM) or product owner (PO) who leads and coordinates the project team. Here, the project and development team can work independently and carry out subtasks autonomously.
In doing so, the PM/PO acts as SPOC (Single Point of Contact). He or she coordinates both the deployed team and communicates with you, the customer, at the same time. This relieves the development team and maximises the effort for development and technical tasks.

Hybrid Services

With a supporting component or temporary organisational units.

Any constellation that does not correspond to the Managed/Unmanaged service types is referred to as a Hybrid Service.
Combinations of managed and unmanaged services are often used as hybrid solutions.
We also refer to the temporary handling of a subtask that requires a PM/PO due to its complexity as a hybrid service.

Unmanaged services

Standalone / "Fire and Forget" as an integrated solution in the customer organisation - Integrated Work.

In the case of unmanaged services, development teams are integrated directly into the customer organisation and coordinated by the customer. In this case of service provision, the Digital Creek Lead Developer, Digital Creek Account Manager or a dedicated Digital Creek Project Manager acts as SPOC, but is not deployed in the operational area.
In any case, however, you as the customer have a direct contact person who looks after you as the customer.

Outsourcing the right share and the right services.

Our key factor: outsource the right share and the right services. Then results can be achieved that benefit your company and at the same time you can also reduce your IT costs in the long term.

On our site News & Blog you will find interesting articles on outsourcing and IT nearshoring, as well as on business process management, ROI calculations and best practices in outsourcing.

This area will not only entertain you, but also move your business forward!

You have questions?

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